Loving Your Brother or Sister in Christ Through Different Opinions on Public Health



How do you love your brother or sister in Christ through difference of opinion on public health? There are a few opinions on Covid-19; have you noticed? All of those opinions have been put on steroids by the fact that a vast majority of our communication is now happening online and everyone speaks like they have the authority of a prophet as soon as they get behind a keyboard. It’s been said before and bears repeating, the internet is the friend of information and the enemy of thought. Continue reading

Four Faithful Friends and One Authoritative Savior (from Luke 5:17-26)

Try to imagine this . . .   

A crowd tightly packed in together as the people tried to listen to Jesus. There was an unusual sense of quietness for the number of people there as well as a palpable energy in the room. All around, ears were straining, trying to capture every word of Christ’s teaching, and in that moment a group of friends tried to push their way into the space. The crowd, though, held formation. No one was getting through. Continue reading

Headwaters Christmas Eve

WRITTEN BY: Luke Suciu


Headwaters Church is having two Christmas Eve services this year, one at 5pm and the other at 7pm both at 2000 N. Wells Street, and the service has been in the planning process for three years. Three years ago, I (Luke) was pastoring our church plant and in the first year of the plant Christmas was on a Sunday, which placed us in a bit of an unusual spot. We did not have any tradition as a church related to Christmas and there were more than a few churches that chose not to have Sunday morning services at all. Their thinking was that immediate families had routines—something about presents under trees—and the church could just have service on Christmas Eve and allow for Christmas morning to be an exclusively family time. Continue reading

When Cathedrals Burn



Monday was an odd day. I sat, like many people, shocked by the images of the burning Notre Dame Cathedral. It was a peculiar combination of captivation and horror and a curious unknown source of heartbreak. I have never been to Paris, I have never seen Notre Dame, I am not Catholic or anything close, and yet as I watched the building burn I couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss. Continue reading

On Giving



If you attend Headwaters Church I hope that by now you have been informed that our church is moving locations. Our church’s leadership has been working on this possibility for over a year and we are very excited about the opportunities that are to come for the Kingdom of God at our future location. Continue reading

Biblical Literacy Classes in Public Schools: A Good Thing?

WRITTEN BY Chase Ringler


At a gas station in Indianapolis as I walked out of the door after paying for my Combos and PowerAde I saw a headline that brought a smile to my face. The headline read that there is a push to put Bible classes back into public schools. The headline was from USA Today, and after President Trump tweeted his endorsement for these classes, the Washington Post, The Hill, and Politico all ran stories featuring the rising tide of Biblical literacy classes in our nation’s public schools. Continue reading

Should You Dress Your Daughter as a Princess for Halloween?



If you pay attention to the news cycle . . . it’s a rough time to be alive. At least according to our news sources, it’s a rough time to be alive. There is actually substantial evidence that things are getting much better as a whole, but that is not what this blog is about, so save your optimism for another time: let’s talk about princesses.

If you pay attention to the news there have been a few cycles recently that focused on the topic of princesses. Aside from the annual “do’s and don’ts” list for Halloween costumes that always include banning dressing up as cultural princess, there were a couple instances of famous Hollywood actresses refusing to allow their children to watch Cinderella, The Little Mermaid , and Snow White .

Continue reading