On Understanding Race & Privilege

Fort Wayne United has been holding forums on race regularly on Facebook Live.  John Suciu participated in a Zoom call LIVE on Facebook with other pastors and Christian leaders in our city as part of the Mosaic Unity: More than Allies series from Fort Wayne United and Youth for Christ City Life. 

The first video is a clip of John relating how he came to first understand the idea of privilege. The second video is the hour and a half long forum in its entirety. 

Forum participants include: John Suciu, pastor at Headwaters Church; Chris Todia, CEO of Youth for Christ for Northern Indiana; Kevin Rivers, lead pastor at Blackhawk Ministries; Nygel Simms, Regional Director – Urban Ministries for Youth for Christ; Iric Headley, director Fort Wayne United; Chris Freeman, pastor City Life Church; and Ryan Cochran, pastor at Broadway Christian Church.



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