One True Scotsman


It goes like this.

A Scottish man is traveling in Ireland and gets lost so he walks into a pub at 10 am looking for directions. As he walks up to the bartender the guy sitting closest to him, an Irish man, falls off his stool because he is too drunk to sit at 10 am. Continue reading

Ding, Chime, Buzzzzzz, Buzzzzzz, Buzzzzzz


I see it all the time. It annoys me. It frustrates me. It saddens me. It scares me.

I see it when I’m counseling a couple whose marriage is hanging by a thread. In a pivotal moment—when they’re finally listening to each other, his cell phone goes off. I’m shouting to myself, “Don’t answer it! Just ignore it! You’re in the middle of something far more important!” But he picks up his phone and starts reading his text messages. He doesn’t seem to care that at this critical moment, he’s distracted and his response to his wife will be diminished. Continue reading