Speaking to one another in psalms, WORSHIP HYMN SINGS, and spiritual songs


On April 1st, there is an ENCORE event called the “Worship Hymn Sing.” I decided to give this event that name for two reasons.

  • The first was an attempt to be clever—worship hymn sing—get it? Worship Him!
  • The second reason was this event is just that, a hymn sing—an evening of worship, where people pour out their praise to God in song—or to be more precise, in hymns. Hence the name, “Worship Hymn Sing!”

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Purpose Audience and Gandalf vs Dumbledore


Do we really need another blog? Blogs are the cholesterol in the arteries of the internet, occupying too much space and if left untreated lead to inevitable cardiac arrest. Even the word sounds sluggish: bbbllloooogggg. Okay, perhaps that is a bit strong. I am, despite my best wishes, a millennial and it seems that my generation’s functional version of prozac is the blog; all we need is enough space and a moderate audience—or the illusion of an audience—and we can type our problems into submission through the almighty therapy of self-reflection. If this therapy worked we would be witnessing the most relational mature generation to ever grace the surface of this planet, but alas the blog is not always what it is cracked up to be. In stark contrast to the self-guided home brew therapy, blogs are a flawed medium within the questionable world of the online exchange of ideas.

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Profiles of Convictional Courage

WRITTEN BY Chase Ringler

Sir Isaac Newton was once famously quoted as saying, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” Those who have done great things in the 21st century, and those of us who have simply tried to live our lives well, are indebted to the giants of the past. In every field of study there have been men and women who have gone before those of us living today. It is these giants who have forged a path to greatness. This scenario is not only true in the secular sense. For those of us who claim Christ, we are indebted to the pastors, missionaries, scholars, lay servants, and countless martyrs who have gone before us.

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