Things I Find Beautiful


There is little discussion of beauty at the moment. A good portion of our beauty-less conscious can be attributed to the difficulties of the year in which we all find ourselves—2020 has been a dumpster fire by almost all accounts—but our skewed vision towards the broken is also a problem of perspective.

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On Understanding Race & Privilege

Fort Wayne United has been holding forums on race regularly on Facebook Live.  John Suciu participated in a Zoom call LIVE on Facebook with other pastors and Christian leaders in our city as part of the Mosaic Unity: More than Allies series from Fort Wayne United and Youth for Christ City Life. 

The first video is a clip of John relating how he came to first understand the idea of privilege. The second video is the hour and a half long forum in its entirety. 

Forum participants include: John Suciu, pastor at Headwaters Church; Chris Todia, CEO of Youth for Christ for Northern Indiana; Kevin Rivers, lead pastor at Blackhawk Ministries; Nygel Simms, Regional Director – Urban Ministries for Youth for Christ; Iric Headley, director Fort Wayne United; Chris Freeman, pastor City Life Church; and Ryan Cochran, pastor at Broadway Christian Church.



Loving Your Brother or Sister in Christ Through Different Opinions on Public Health



How do you love your brother or sister in Christ through difference of opinion on public health? There are a few opinions on Covid-19; have you noticed? All of those opinions have been put on steroids by the fact that a vast majority of our communication is now happening online and everyone speaks like they have the authority of a prophet as soon as they get behind a keyboard. It’s been said before and bears repeating, the internet is the friend of information and the enemy of thought. Continue reading

Weekly Newsletter

Ministry has not stopped—or even slowed down—just because we’re in a pandemic. Our Weekly Newsletter is full of updates, photos, opportunities and messages from our staff to keep you informed and connected.

The Newsletter is posted each Saturday by 7pm. You can find it here or on the Church at Home / Coronavirus Update page under the NEWSLETTER tab.

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Four Faithful Friends and One Authoritative Savior (from Luke 5:17-26)

Try to imagine this . . .   

A crowd tightly packed in together as the people tried to listen to Jesus. There was an unusual sense of quietness for the number of people there as well as a palpable energy in the room. All around, ears were straining, trying to capture every word of Christ’s teaching, and in that moment a group of friends tried to push their way into the space. The crowd, though, held formation. No one was getting through. Continue reading

Headwaters Christmas Eve

WRITTEN BY: Luke Suciu


Headwaters Church is having two Christmas Eve services this year, one at 5pm and the other at 7pm both at 2000 N. Wells Street, and the service has been in the planning process for three years. Three years ago, I (Luke) was pastoring our church plant and in the first year of the plant Christmas was on a Sunday, which placed us in a bit of an unusual spot. We did not have any tradition as a church related to Christmas and there were more than a few churches that chose not to have Sunday morning services at all. Their thinking was that immediate families had routines—something about presents under trees—and the church could just have service on Christmas Eve and allow for Christmas morning to be an exclusively family time. Continue reading